Shannon Kammer: Devoted to the Space Coast!

Shannon's Expertise: Broker Assoc.

Local Insights: Shannon's lifelong connection to the Space Coast, coupled with her background in project management and administration, provides clients with an unparalleled understanding of the local real estate market.

Waterfront Properties: With a special affection for Brevard's waterways, Shannon offers expert guidance on waterfront properties, understanding the unique aspects and regulations that come with these sought-after locations.

Market Trends and Project Management: Her extensive experience in project management, along with a Master's Certification, equips Shannon with the ability to navigate complex real estate transactions smoothly.

I, Shannon, a prominent figure in local realty since 2002 and a Broker Associate since 2021, offers unparalleled knowledge of Brevard’s unique charm, especially its captivating waterways.


Alyssa Kemp

Alyssa's Specializations:

Innovative Marketing: Alyssa's degree in Business Organizational Leadership from the University of South Carolina and her proficiency in social media marketing bring a fresh, modern approach to promoting properties.

Home Design and Staging: The duo's venture into home design and furniture business allows Alyssa to offer unique staging services, enhancing the appeal of properties and tailoring them to client needs.

First-Time Homebuyers and Young Families: As a recent homebuyer and a mother, Alyssa resonates with first-time homebuyers and young families, understanding their specific needs and aspirations.

I, Alyssa, a real estate prodigy who joined the industry in 2018 with a degree in Business and Marketing from the University of South Carolina, brings a fresh perspective with expertise in social media marketing and digital fluency.


We wear many other "Hats" too.

Together, We Craft and Innovate: Creating Community Magic as the Mother-Daughter Team of The Selling Together Team.

Collective Strengths:

Relocation Services: With deep roots in the area and extensive knowledge of Brevard County's neighborhoods, schools, and lifestyle, we offer personalized relocation services, making transitions seamless for our clients.

Diverse Living Options: Our personal experiences with different types of properties, from waterfront homes to properties with expansive land, enable us to cater to a wide range of client preferences.

Community Connection: Growing up and living in Brevard County, our personal experiences enrich our professional services, allowing us to provide clients with a genuine, insider perspective on life in this vibrant region.Our joint venture is far more than just a business; it enriches our community and drives positive change. Nestled in the heart of Cocoa Village, our former furniture store building has been transformed into a space of wonder and creativity. It served as a beacon of imagination and design for five fantastic years.

Although the store has evolved, our collection of unique staging items lives on, each with its tale to tell. Now functioning as a storage space and a staging hub, it plays a crucial role in bringing homes to life, adding that special touch to photographs and viewings.

But our role in the community extends beyond business. We're not just business owners but storytellers, designers, and dream-weavers passionate about sharing our creativity. Our involvement with the community becomes more profound as we don various hats, giving back and making a tangible difference in the lives of those around us.